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Joining the Pink Book Club is more about what do you give as opposed to what do you get! You give your support to the group by supporting the women who share their stories. Remember most of our storytellers are not keynote speakers, they are petrified of talking publicly but their story is so powerful.

PBC Membership

$49 Total
  • Your very own pink note book
  • Access to all Live @ 5 stories including optional webinars
  • Discounts to Wine Nibbles & Chatter Events
  • Access to PBC resources

What else is in it for me?

We are growing our resources to offer activities that are about you for you. When we connect with ourselves we have a greater capacity to give more to others. This includes self-paced workshops, our signature event Wine Nibbles and Chatter, and support from our fabulous coaches.

An example of this was with Operation Sunshine in 2019. We were able to organise two massive boxes of much-needed items to help kids in out of home care and courage kits for at-risk mums, all donated by attendees at one of our events. As well as the impact we made from the donations, we were also educated on the foster system in WA. A two-way impact!

Our group is about collaboration and connection and listening to our unsung heroes in the world of being a woman!