Live @ 5 with Maddi Kent (Founder, Evie Grace)


Join us on Monday as we hear from Maddi Kent, Founder of

Having just left high school, Maddi travelled for the first time to Africa (Uganda & Kenya) to volunteer, and experienced firsthand that many organisations have realised the profit to be gained from ‘volunteerism’ and how this exposes children to human trafficking for the benefit of unknowing westerners. Every volunteer program and internship she participated in from then was researched thoroughly and changed her whole mindset on overseas volunteering.

Through rescue missions from child marriage in Uganda to child labour in Ghana and completing her Bachelor in International Development and intensely educating herself, her passion to eradicate human trafficking has grown immensely. She has experienced hardship and trauma throughout her childhood, losing her mother at a young age and being moved around foster homes, this instability and abandonment carried on throughout her life causing an array of challenges from depression, suicide attempts, abusive relationships and dangerous behaviour.

However she doesn’t look back negatively on her childhood and youth, for if it wasn’t for these experiences, she wouldn’t be able to connect with the children she works with on such a deep level with an understanding of each other’s hardships. For Maddi, educating a child about their Human Rights is one of the greatest gifts she believes she can give them. She has also made this a priority for the Evie Grace Foundation, with 100% of donations going straight to the projects she supports.

This allows supporters to have real time updates of the contributions they have made allowing them to see the impact they have created with complete transparency.

Ladies, we would love for you to join in 5PM , Monday 27 July from wherever you are. Invite a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, a stranger and let’s all connect virtually through storytelling.

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