Live at 5 with Jan Evans (Episode 2)


You may remember Jan. She gave us a fabulous story of believing in love and looking and moving around the world for it!

Here’s a snippet from Jan:

“I am Jan Evans, a 54-year-old Australian woman who now lives in Wellington New Zealand.

In my last Live at 5, I shared my story about forced change. The kind of change that you try to fight when things are spiralling out of control and you find yourself just being blown around like a leaf that has fallen from a tree and you never know which direction it will go or where it will land.
Two days after my last Live at 5 in March, my partner and were lucky enough to get a flight out of India and made it to New Zealand where we are now based.
I want to share how I navigated my way through the Covid lockdown, secured a great job in a time of uncertainty and how I shifted my mindset from one of wondering what else can go wrong to believing that everything was going to go right.” – Jan Evans

Ladies, we would love for you to join us as we hear Part 2 of Jans story 5PM, Monday 12 October from wherever you are. Invite a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, a stranger and let’s all connect virtually through storytelling.⁠

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