Coping with Lockdown Australia

Coping with Lockdown Australia

I wonder how I will look back on all of this in 6 months, a year, 2 years…..who knows. What I do know is dealing with the fall out of COVID 19 has become more acceptable as each day dawns. I’m not saying that it is fun, I am merely highlighting that each day we adjust and adjust a bit more.

Although the Pink Book Club is a business entity with paying members, like most we wanted to help our community during these uncertain times.

Our contribution was in the form of a daily connect for 5 minutes each day for 2 weeks. We were not sure what it would mean to most, although we did believe that people would tune in to take their minds off whatever was going on during this time for just 5 minutes.

We also decided that we would offer this service into one of our social media groups for FREE. Our intention was to give not to receive.

I made notes of each daily connect and found that whether I was the host or the recipient, it forced me to stop and take a break and tune in. I genuinely felt more uplifted each day after.

So we delivered 14 days of 5 minute sessions, a total of 70 minutes. It was great. Here are the bullet points or possible survival tips for COVID 19 Pink Book Club style!

  • Be mindful of your conversations with yourself and others. What talk is going on in your head?
  • Stay in your own lane. It’s easy to be railroaded when under stress and anxiety. Take measures to stick to your own values and beliefs.
  • Make your own spray and wipe with some orange peel and white vinegar – how useful!
  • Pivot – change direction and at times very quickly. Women are great at this.
  • The change curve – everyone is embracing change differently and the curve highlights the rollercoaster we may find ourselves on and to recognise where others may be on the curve
  • Where are you spending your time now that restrictions are in place? Grateful for not being stuck in traffic and enjoying the time in the garden perhaps?
  • Notice the small things and be present. Reflect on your day. Show gratitude.
  • Tapping – gage where you are at. Whether you like it or not, it’s worth a try as it can lessen the stress responses
  • Remember and reflection – take time to reminisce fond memories. They fill your heart cup.
  • Breathing techniques can slow your heart rate and your head rate. Find a technique that works for you – even using chopsticks, tongs and rubbers gloves!!
  • As we are told to stay home, what are you doing that you normally wouldn’t? Puzzles and gardening seem to be popular.
  • Reference to 12 step programs – great tip to take things day by day. We have been forced to do that in the ever changing landscape. We acknowledge that day by day can still be overwhelming. If so, then hour by hour. And again if that’s a bit tough some days then just take it minute by minute and acknowledge your progress.
  • Abundance – what are you attracting? Put it out there what you want more of and see what happens.

There was a lot more covered in each session but this a great survival list for the future should the aliens arrive on earth!